Life Is Choices – Choose Thanksgiving

It is so simple to focus on all the things that go amiss in a day or in life. Fall is a division that reminds us to focus on the things that are traveling appropriate – and to accord thanks.

The snow comes and with it we may acquaintance alarming driving, arctic locks, disability to acquisition winter clothing, even calamity if the temperatures vary. But, at the aforementioned time, a lot of of us adore balmy houses, reliable busline choices, and the affiance of spring!

Technology is declared to accomplish activity easier but it’s rapidly alteration advances can leave us with animosity of vulnerability and helplessness. Generally I accusation my bound computer abilities if something doesn’t plan abandoned to acquisition that the botheration originated in an ivory belfry about that was never in my control. If technology doesn’t plan we can alarm a Help Line or just about-face to appealing able-bodied any nine year old for assistance.

Increasing prices and account costs can banking strain. But we can consistently analysis our account and accomplish new choices that will accompany relief. There ability be things that we don’t need, don’t wish or don’t use. Reassessment can aftereffect in recycling, affairs items or endlessly services. And remember, there are usually a amount of means that a getting can acquisition to acquire a little added that will ample the gap.

Sickness and crumbling ability assume alarming – we all go through episodes area we ability not be at our best. A lot of illnesses are treatable or short-term. Crumbling offers experience, ability and acumen that we can allotment with the next generation. No point in angry it! Just relax!

Relationships can be difficult and some humans are just apparent “toxic”. We can apprentice to set advantageous boundaries so that others don’t ruin our day. And we can antithesis the downers by getting with absolute humans or adequate our hobbies.

The apple is abounding of agitation and terror! About-face the television off! Even admitting you accept a affection to fix things you charge to apperceive the aberration amid what you can do to accomplish change and what you can’t do. Replace anguish with prayer.

Perhaps you feel that you are abandoned and don’t get to see ancestors actual often. Well, appropriate alfresco your aperture is a apple abounding of abandoned humans who will smile and be adored if you ability out to them. Win/win.

If you anticipate that Thanksgiving Day doesn’t administer to you because you are afflicted with activity and adverse a amount of problems – anticipate again!

Can you walk, animation or go to the bath unassisted? Do you accept a safe, balmy abode to reside and sleep? Is your belly full? Does anyone adulation or affliction about you? Do you accept choices that you can accomplish to ensure that you will ability your ambition or advance yourself? Are there opportunities you ability butt to affect addition person, actualize a phenomenon or accord a gift?

This anniversary activate a new convenance of absorption on your blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Encouraging Words Are So Powerful – They’ll Help You Find Energy and Time

Encouraging words. How often do you speak them to yourself?

Early on, many of us learned how important they are from a little engine that could. Remember that story? And the Little Engine’s refrain?

“I think I can. I think I can.”

Self-talk is a time and energy tool that many people overlook. You’ll be amazed at the powerful boost that encouraging words will give you when you start using them with yourself.

Think about it: You continually communicate with yourself. Often it’s just under the surface – a subconscious narrative taking place in your thoughts.

It may be quiet. It may hardly even register. But rest assured that yours is the most influential voice you hear. That’s because you are the only one who knows every detail about your life. And you have thoughts and feelings about every one of those details.

So just imagine the impact that each of those thoughts has on your energy – and how you use your time. You can build yourself up with encouraging thoughts OR you can tear yourself down.

So, is your inner dialogue encouraging?

Just as you choose the words you speak to others, you have the power to carefully select what you say to yourself. You shift your energy and perspective when the words you use reflect your love and self-acceptance. By addressing yourself with encouraging words, you cultivate a positive attitude – creating a powerful base for meeting life’s challenges.

Reflecting back on “The Little Engine that Could” and that message of encouragement, I find that I’d like offer a small suggestion. It’s and edit to the statement that makes it even more encouraging and affirmative.

Try saying “I can and I will!” I love the confidence and definitiveness of that statement.

Your constructive self-talk helps you rise above negativity and access your fullest creative energies for dealing with whatever you have on your To-Do List – and whatever surprises the day brings.

The voice of self-acceptance, which is constantly building you up inside, truly transforms your time.

So make it your goal to be your own number one supporter. See and celebrate the talents and gifts inside of you. Focus your attention on your strengths by pointing them out to yourself.

Keeping your strengths and your resiliency at the forefront of your thoughts motivates and energizes you. It’s an endless supply of fuel – and YOU are the source!

How can you become more consistently encouraging to yourself?

How To Be Exceptional Rather Than Only Capable

Most people believe that to be exceptional rather than only capable; you have to be unique, extraordinary and gifted. On the other hand, they also think that if you are capable, you may be skilled, somewhat talented and even have expertise. But what makes such a difference?

In life, strange as it is, some individuals purely get ahead and accomplish their plans no matter the conditions or the struggles they face while there are others who work very hard, do all that needs to be done but still do not seem to be getting anywhere.

Why and how can this be happening?

It does not come from merely being gifted. The reason is that exceptional people do not feel fulfilled when it comes to just being capable; they rather push the limits of their skills and expertise to become masters in their fields and go even beyond. They work harder than the rest to shape their world in the way they dreamed of creating it.

Whereas, people who feel that they are just capable often accept mediocrity, even if they have the same potential as those who are remarkable; they just do not realize that they have yet to unlock it.

The answer lies like a double edge sword because they need to develop some strong habits which most of them are not willing to do.

All exceptional people have adopted strict daily habits in their approach to life. And the secret is that the snowballing effect of these routines, day in and day out, lead to long-term success and make these people incomparable every day. So where do you start?

Where to Begin
You have to start by exploring and shaping your path from being capable to that of being exceptional because various circumstances have happened in your life which prevents you from being a ‘rock star.’

While for you, it might be an honest lack of means and resources, for others, it is just classic laziness. Either way, you have to overcome these things to reach an exceptional status. You have to understand that there is no excuse or cause big enough for inaction. It is all up to you to get to the altar of being exceptional.

You have to call upon your beliefs and do whatever is deemed necessary to bring around the best circumstances to shift from ordinary undertakings to real extraordinary living. You should know that being exceptional does not inherently mean that you are the most talented in your work or life.

There is no need for comparing yourself to famous people. There are plenty of exceptional people around you such as teachers, doctors, firefighters, or ordinary citizens that save a life, whether human or animal. Being unique means that you have the desire to go to the top and beyond which is a route that a lot of folks who are more than capable are not disposed to go after.

Be Aware of Settling Down
Regrettably, most people do settle down. I am pretty sure you have heard of gifted athletes or sports figure that settled for being just skillful and never went on further. Too many people are just satisfied with their jobs and lives. They get married, have children, acquire a degree, land a good job, and own a home which they often consider as achievements, and that suffices them.

For me, however, I believe that these things are stepping stones that make us grow and progress forward, as we go from young to old. Countless of people resolve to mediocrity which feels like security and is the nature of human beings.

But aren’t you missing on opportunities for something greater?

There also are successful individuals who make no impact or human contribution to the rest of the world. On the other hand, some very successful people do which allow them to become exceptional. Not being content with being experts and wealthy, these individuals prefer to making their mark by impacting life, making them extraordinary people.

You have to realize that what describes these kinds of people is their tenacity to undergoing the pressure and stress and insisting on making sacrifices that others won’t see to.

How to Become an Exceptional Individual
Remember, you do not have to be famous to be exceptional. Incomparable beings do come undeniably from the humblest places. After they reach their vision and find their purpose, they devote their resources to achieving their objectives. It is in the process that they become extraordinary!

Needing Mentorship
One of the most important reasons you do not go for being exceptional is either because you do not believe or are unaware of how great your skills or talents are, or possibly because you do not have the mentorship that you can admire so as to match it.

You need to find one particular person who could show you the ways so you can move to a greater level of completion or mastery. Start by reading books on people you admire while looking for a mentor.

Using Dissatisfaction
When you can no longer bear only being capable and have the desire to be part of something greater and more meaningful in your life, then you need to take on something that can challenge you, so you become a part of a bigger purpose.

To have an exceptional life requires that you find a worthy cause in your life’s journey. It has to be something that brings you the genuine desire to master it, beyond your current ability so as to transform your existence.

Believing in Yourself
Whatever is going on, you have to believe in yourself. You need to trust in the process and take the time to connect the dots in your life that did not have any logic for years. It is when you see the big picture as a complete puzzle from afar that you will understand.

The result of that progression pushes you to put all the pieces of the puzzle together while other people are overwhelmed only by the idea of it. You have to get all the information and substantial means to overcome being only capable and become exceptional.

Being Consistent
Just like a great aged wine, it takes persistent consistency and time to be brilliant which means that you do not just stumble into it. It will be two or three times more challenging to accomplish because it means you are striving to detach yourself from just being skilled to being a master.

In truth, you are simply getting to better yourself, rather than spending time in competition with your colleagues. You have to understand that greater the risk, greater the success, which is the idea of success.

Some More Tips to Be Extraordinary

  • Focus on servicing people. Special people know that focusing on people is more important.
  • Offer genuine support to others. One of the top things exceptional people do every day is to be genuinely interested in other people’s success and well-being.
  • Ask for help. Amazing people know that asking for assistance is not a sign of weaknesses and that nothing can be accomplished alone.
  • Give credit and be grateful. Giving someone credits for achievements and complimenting cost nothing at all, it is free, and yet some people do it hardly ever.
  • Admit Your Mistakes. Ordinary individuals blame others or find an excuse. Remarkable people, instead, flourish by turning their mistakes into opportunities. They are never afraid to confess they are wrong.
  • Push your limits. Anyone who reaches its extreme limits and goes beyond knows that it makes all the difference. If you do not push yourself beyond your boundaries, you will never see your real potential in life. Start small, but start now.
  • Put your thoughts and words into action. An exceptional person understands the need of taking action. They do not think things over for too long, or debate if or when, or put off their ideas. They invest and turn their thoughts into determined action.
  • Give yourself a break. Extraordinary people know that success does not come overnight. They are in the game long term, set very high ethics, work even harder to realize their objectives, but take a well-earned break when needed.

“You don’t have to do exceptional things, just do ordinary things exceptionally well” – Jim Rohn

You are capable of doing great things. You just need to master your willpower and mental strength to keep going, even when things get tough and discover your purpose in life.

Mastering your craft is always about beating hurdles, struggles, and problems in the most inventive way. For people who are truly exceptional, a closed door only means an opportunity to look for another open door or window.

A concluding remark would be that being exceptional is a creation over a lifetime of work that is mastered by and through a devoted purpose. As you see, it is better to be unique than a regular person only capable of doing things. So do not opt for just skillful but for this unbelievable gift of being exceptional because if you don’t, you will miss out on a dazzling life!