Encouraging Words Are So Powerful – They’ll Help You Find Energy and Time

Encouraging words. How often do you speak them to yourself?

Early on, many of us learned how important they are from a little engine that could. Remember that story? And the Little Engine’s refrain?

“I think I can. I think I can.”

Self-talk is a time and energy tool that many people overlook. You’ll be amazed at the powerful boost that encouraging words will give you when you start using them with yourself.

Think about it: You continually communicate with yourself. Often it’s just under the surface – a subconscious narrative taking place in your thoughts.

It may be quiet. It may hardly even register. But rest assured that yours is the most influential voice you hear. That’s because you are the only one who knows every detail about your life. And you have thoughts and feelings about every one of those details.

So just imagine the impact that each of those thoughts has on your energy – and how you use your time. You can build yourself up with encouraging thoughts OR you can tear yourself down.

So, is your inner dialogue encouraging?

Just as you choose the words you speak to others, you have the power to carefully select what you say to yourself. You shift your energy and perspective when the words you use reflect your love and self-acceptance. By addressing yourself with encouraging words, you cultivate a positive attitude – creating a powerful base for meeting life’s challenges.

Reflecting back on “The Little Engine that Could” and that message of encouragement, I find that I’d like offer a small suggestion. It’s and edit to the statement that makes it even more encouraging and affirmative.

Try saying “I can and I will!” I love the confidence and definitiveness of that statement.

Your constructive self-talk helps you rise above negativity and access your fullest creative energies for dealing with whatever you have on your To-Do List – and whatever surprises the day brings.

The voice of self-acceptance, which is constantly building you up inside, truly transforms your time.

So make it your goal to be your own number one supporter. See and celebrate the talents and gifts inside of you. Focus your attention on your strengths by pointing them out to yourself.

Keeping your strengths and your resiliency at the forefront of your thoughts motivates and energizes you. It’s an endless supply of fuel – and YOU are the source!

How can you become more consistently encouraging to yourself?